retailEvery organization, big or small, faces the challenges posed by the volatility of the business.Furthermore, in the event ofmismanagement.the business might go kaput due to the challengesleading to risk and ambiguity. This becomes even morecritical in case of Retail sector. Kirtana Consulting provides software solutions in the retail market, ensuring that the retail sector is nolonger based on simple andlinear processes. With Kirtana Consulting digital tools.



retail market can be established as a multi-faceted, synchronized, and convoluted system. How well one manages it decides the direction the business is likely to take. It is important to make informed decisions for the managed growth of the business.

Kirtana Consulting services in Retail supply chain help you to :


Step up the Growth : To put and keep your business on an upward curve, it is important to manage the additional manpower, multiple sites and profit and loss accounts. At Kirtana Consulting, our experts understand this and design personalized solution and tools to enable our clients grow their business in the most radical manner. With intelligent business reports, it becomes easier to manage business elements and improve decision making.
Develop new business models : With the growth of a business, it is necessary to develop new business models that can act like new store arrangements or new types of transactions. However, it also adds a layer of intricacy to the whole set-up. Thus, Kirtana Consulting developers keep in mind the complexity levels and develop products that help you work flawlessly across various business models.
Improve profitability : At Kirtana Consulting, we believe not only in providing IT solutions, but also solving the business problems. Thus, every product we create, has dedicated modules explicitly designed to improve the profitability of your business. Through Kirtana Consulting, our clients can improve on business elements such as the cost of procurement, efficiency in production, management of inventory, marketing campaigns, etc.
Tangible and integrated solutions : Kirtana Consulting realizes the need of any organization to focus on the core functions of their commerce and make sure to minimize the overheads associated with the management of other tasks. Thus, we build tangible solutions to fully integrate all the business elements across all verticals of the retail sector. We also offer a standard platform optimized for retail supply chain elements and recognizable device management technologies.
Lower cost of ownership : We believe in building a lasting association with our clients. This helps us to take a long-standing view while providing a service. Our solutions are customized to give the best outputs and efforts are made to lower the total cost of ownership as much as possible. Our retail applications are regularly upgraded as per the emerging industry trends.

Kirtana works with public sector organizations of all shapes and sizes. We assist local governments in managing budgets. Central governments also sought our services to handle various business related complexities.

This includes making certain that the citizen records are safeguarded and ensuring precision of the benefits processes. Kirtana’s strategies are centered on improving the customer communication with the help of self-service web portals and kiosks.