Developers can now add real-time analytics to Azure Digital Twins

Posted on : 11/25/2021

The company’s Digital Twin Streaming Service is used for deploying digital twins on a highly scalable, in-memory computing platform in the cloud.

Several real-time components have been added as part of the new integration with Azure Digital Twins. For example, rather than require the use of Azure’s serverless functions, the new extensions enable low-latency message ingestion and processing with immediate access to their corresponding Azure digital twin’s properties.

Developers can write their message-processing code in C#, Java, JavaScript, or even using an intuitive rules-based language.

Powerful machine learning capabilities to monitor incoming telemetry for anomalies can easily be added – without the need for additional coding – using Microsoft’s ML.NET library.

“We are excited to offer powerful machine learning capabilities for real-time digital twins that will make it even easier to immediately spot issues or identify opportunities across a large population of data sources,” said Dr. William Bain, ScaleOut Software’s CEO and founder.