Cloud Services

Kirtana’s cloud computing service portfolio includes :

  • Building an architecture that is compatible with applications deployed
  • Strategically designing consulting Services that enable clients to replicate cloud services into their IT portfolio across all vertical domains.
  • Boost the quality and value of carrier networks
  • Designing, maintaining and leveraging internet-powered cloud environments.
  • Smarter, faster and easy to manage networking solutions, thereby generating revenues
  • Assured server uptime, enhanced network performance, optimized resource utilization
  • Redeveloping internal applications for the cloud and migrating them to the client’s private cloud.
  • Enhanced capacity to create a hybrid cloud computing and a private cloud computing environment.
  • The applications and technology resources can be allocated or removed on-demand without commotion
  • Enable users to focus on strategic operations and allow for third-part ownership.
The size of the business determines how the cloud computing technology is adopted by a company. Whilst some organizations build their own internal cloud, small scale organizations use the public cloud service or resort to hybrid models. The reason for large organizations going for private cloud networks is more security, data integrity, reliability and compliance to norms associated with private cloud services.

Kirtana works with public sector organizations of all shapes and sizes. We assist local governments in managing budgets. Central governments also sought our services to handle various business related complexities.

This includes making certain that the citizen records are safeguarded and ensuring precision of the benefits processes. Kirtana’s strategies are centered on improving the customer communication with the help of self-service web portals and kiosks.